December 29, 2014

Solve Your Health Problem

Fitbit Now Syncs to Apple Health with Sync Solver App

Wearables have revolutionized the health and fitness world by enabling consumers to capture more data than ever before. While the data may be interesting by itself, it becomes invaluable when consolidated into a single platform where actionable insights can be discovered. This is the next revolution in health and fitness, and it is being driven by comprehensive health tracking platforms like Apple’s new Health app. Despite the obvious user benefits of adopting an open policy toward data sharing, Fitbit, the industry’s most popular wearable device vendor, has publically stated that they do not have plans to integrate with Health.

But now there’s good news for Fitbit users. A new app called Sync Solver has bridged the compatibility divide and allows users to automatically export their Fitbit data into the Health app. Hours after its November release, Sync Solver shot to the top of the app charts, reaching No. 2 in the App Store’s Health and Fitness category. And the tech world took notice. Mashable, MacRumors, LifeHacker, Gigaom and AppleInsider all highlighted the app as a must-have for Fitbit users to make the most of Apple’s Healthkit.

“When I first saw my data in Health, I could see how lifestyle changes, such as my wife switching our family to a ‘paleo’ diet to manage her autoimmune condition, were resulting in my rapid weight loss and a decrease in my chronic back pain,” says Jim McAndrew, Sync Solver creator and CEO of Austin-based technology firm Redshift Development. “This feedback not only validated the changes that I had inadvertently made, but has encouraged me to continue down the path with intention—further tweaking my diet and exercise routine for optimal results. I hope other Fitbit users will benefit from viewing their data in Apple Health—and feel empowered to take charge of their health, fitness, and diet strategies.”

Sync Solver for Fitbit is available for download in the App Store for $1.99. To learn more about Sync Solver or arrange an interview, email or visit

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